Russian-Belarussian Dialogue Platform due to the Day of Unity of the Peoples Holds in Gomel

4 April 2023

On the eve of the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Russia and Belarus, which is traditionally celebrated on April 2, a dialogue platform was held in Gomel, where issues of cooperation between countries in the field of education, culture, tourism, space, medicine and the possibility of implementing direct flights between Moscow and the Grodno region were discussed.

The conference was held at the Gomel State Technical University named after P.O. Sukhoi. It was attended by guests of honor and employees of the Grodno Regional Institute for the Development of Education, Acting Consul General of the Russian Federation in the city of Grodno Pavel Morozov, a veteran of pedagogical work, a member of the Nadezhda association Tatyana Lugovaya and the chairman of the branch of the Grodno Regional Public Organization (RPO) «Russian Society» Alexander Biryukov.

In his welcoming speech, Alexander Shapovalov, Vice Rector for Educational Affairs of the Technical University, shared his impressions on the trip to St.Petersburg, the purpose of which was to get acquainted with higher educational institutions. He noted that residents of St.Petersburg have similar life orientations and goals in the field of education, as well as residents of the city of Gomel.

“Belarus and Russia have always been the closest and most reliable partners, true allies. On the eve of the feast – the Day of Unity of the Peoples of Belarus and Russia – we say that our connection in such a difficult political time should always be strong.  <…> A common historical past, traditions are what will always bound our peoples,” said Pavel Morozov, Acting Consul General of the Russian Federation.

Alexander Biryukov also noted the importance of maintaining unbreakable relations between the countries. According to him, the “Russian Society” in Grodno is characterized by rapid development. RPO contributes to the popularization and support of Russian culture. At the moment, projects are being developed aimed at close cooperation between Belarus and Russia.

“Certainly, humanitarian exchanges and exchanges in the field of education are very important for us. Everyone knows that in January of this year, the Ministry of Education of Belarus and the Ministry of Education of Russia signed another cooperation plan, which implies the creation of a common educational space. Now the issue of organizing the activity of the Belarusian-Russian resource center for scientific and methodological support of pedagogical classes is being developed, allied Olympiads in the Russian language and literature are being held, student gatherings, thematic conferences are being organized,” said Consul General of the Russian Federation in Grodno Pavel Morozov.

Later, a solemn event dedicated to the Day of Unity was held for guests and employees.

At the end of the conference, the winners of the international competition “Teaching Without Borders” were awarded, including teachers from Grodno. The purpose of the competition is to popularize the Russian language.

In addition, on March 31 at the Gomel State Technical University named after P.O. Sukhoi hosted an exhibition of posters, badges, medals and flags, which testify to the good relations between Belarus and Russia and contribute to the preservation of history and culture.

Photo source: TASS / Valery Sharifulin