Dialogue Between Generations: Belorussian Media Representatives Hold a Masterclass for Gymnasium Students at the Press House

4 May 2023

On May 2, the Press house in Belarus hosted a round table “Dialogue on the power of speech between professionals in journalism and the younger generation.” The event was timed to the Day of the press, which will be held on May 5.

The round table brought together both professional and aspiring journalists. The specialists told the schoolchildren about the intricacies of journalism as a profession, career prospects and answered their questions.

“I think you should understand that the profession of a journalist is to be in touch 24 hours. Forget about the weekend. About holidays too. This is not the kind of work that you come at 9 o’clock, leave at 5, and you are free until the next day. They can call you at two in the morning, if something happened, pull you out of the weekend, from vacation. You can even not sleep for several days if you are on business trips. But in any case, it is interesting to such an extent, life becomes so diverse,” said Marina Moroz, a news anchor on the ONT (All-National) TV channel, about her work in the journalistic field.

During the meeting, a discussion was also organized on how to instill the interest of young people in the media, correctly convey the country’s news agenda, and what projects designed for a young audience should be created by Belarusian media.

“Today, for children and teenagers, the most relevant ways of visualization and media are instant messengers, YouTube and TikTok. Almost every high school student follows the trends on these sites.  It is important for us how the media are represented there and how they can express themselves in a constructive way,” said Dmitry Voronyuk, head of the Press house’s press center.

The meeting is special in students of one of the gymnasiums and representatives of the leading mass media of Belarus being gathered at the same table. This made it possible to exchange ideas between generations and draw the attention of students to the work of the media in the country.

“Today we have a real connection between generations in the studio. Here are gathered the students of the gymnasium of 9-11 grades, freshmen, graduates, young specialists and already professionals. This connection is very important. We can observe how a profession from an idea in the head, in the heart, develops into a specific life path,” Dmitry Voronyuk summed up the meeting.

Such meetings help future journalists develop their potential and fulfill themselves.

Photo source: Aglaya Kovaleva