Russia and Belarus plan to create an Association of Regional Press

16 November 2022

With the support of state authorities, the unions of journalists of Russia and Belarus are working to create an association focused on the development of cooperation between the federal media of Russia and the major mass media of Belarus. The implementation of the initiative will create a platform for the exchange of experience and mutual assistance. At the first stage, the interaction of regional media holdings is proposed to be built on the model of a club of editors-in-chief, within which journalists will be able to meet to discuss joint projects.

“We have such an example: in particular, the Minsk-Novosti agency has renewed its agreement with Vechernyaya Moskva, a large Russian media holding,” comments Andrei Krivosheev, chairman of the board of the Belarusian Union of Journalists.

The second stage of interaction will be the creation of a server that provides the ability to exchange content.

“All members of the Association in the exchange format of the European or Asian Broadcasting Union will drop a certain amount of materials per month or week, and have access to all other materials that will be dropped by colleagues into this common “cauldron” of information work,” Krivosheev explained. He also stressed that a system for ordering content and its joint production will be worked out.

Russia and Belarus are already closely cooperating: for example, round tables, master classes and special educational modules are held. For example, SputnikPro, with the support of the news agency of the same name, is a project for journalists, students of specialized universities, press officers and media managers, aimed at exchanging experience and developing professional ties with colleagues from other countries. The establishment of the Association will strengthen and allow the development of the already established level of relations.