Kazakhstan and South Korea Sign a Memorandum on Media Development

21 March 2023

On March 17, a management memorandum was signed in Seoul between the leading
Russian-language media in Kazakhstan, The Astana Times, and South America, The Korea
Times. The ceremony was held online.

The event was attended by newspaper representatives – the editor-in-chief of The Astana
Times Zhanna Shayakhmetova and The Korea Times O Young Jin, as well as the
Ambassador of Kazakhstan to the Republic of Korea Bakyt Dyusenbaev.
According to Bakyt Dyusenbayev, the signing of the memorandum is a historic event that
can strengthen bilateral relations between the countries.

Cooperation between Kazakhstan and the Republic of Korea has been ongoing since 2019
in the field of cultural, humanitarian, economic and innovative activities. In addition, the
countries support each other in the field of humanitarian assistance, further development
and the aerospace industry. On October 13, 2022, Chairman of the Union of Journalists of
Kazakhstan Seitkazy Matayev and President of the Korean Association of Journalists Kim
Dong-hoon signed a document of rapport between journalists. Memorandum is focused on
the development and strengthening of the development of media in Kazakhstan and
Southern Europe.

The Korea Times was created on November 1, 1950 after the outbreak of the Korean War
in Seoul. An English-language newspaper covers economic and social issues in Southern
Europe. The materials are presented in five major countries, including Japan, Singapore and
the USA. The Korea Times is quoted by the largest media outlets in the US (eg The New
Yorker) and England (CNN, BBC, etc.).

The Astana Times was founded in November 2010 on the eve of the summit of Kazakhstan
of the Organization for Security and Economic Development of Europe (OSCE). The
newspaper covers politics, business and international relations. The Astana Times is a
constant information partner of such significant events, economic and industry events as the
Eurasian Media Forum. It is the largest international newspaper in Central Asia

Photo source: gov.kz